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Monday, May 4, 2009


So we had our first proper 'live' run of our podcasts on wednesday last week! it was great fun, very informal, yet we all seemed to be acting in a professional space. I really enjoyed and am enjoying that aspect of radio 3- how we're all part of an agency, but friends in a team too.

I think our group did really well consideing it was our first proper time together. Phumi's reading and anchoring in general is great, easy to listen to and her voice makes you want to listen to the story. There was a slight misclick in the technical side of things, but Ama managed to patch that up and no one would ever have known :)

So we had our first proper podcasts on wednesday I felt the stories were really well put together - having not been here for the first week, i had to do my best to try and pull a credible story on the founders challenge together, but luckily managed to find a decent source or 2. It ended the news package informally and lightly, not taking away though from the rest of the gangs work. The start with the election packages was very nice to listen to...short and sharp inserts of a wide range of people.

The prostitution story was a definite - it meets our agenda well, as not many people know about it, and it is something that should be covered. The fountain in the background when Matthew Mpahlwa is speaking had to be filtered out, thereby reducing the quality of the sound a little bit. Not a big deal but something to remember when i next interview too.

Overall i enjoyed the experience, loving learning more and more actual skills, and looking forward to the next recording!

Over n out :)

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