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Friday, February 27, 2009

why i want to be a journalist

howzit. My name is andy and im sitting on robberg beach in plet, holiday destination to many a south african, and the chill spot i happen to find myself in. Sorri if the punctuation isnt all as great as it should be, but im over it to be honest coz im typing a 300 word assignment on a small fricken piece of technology, a nokia something something. My nails are so long aswell so im finding it hard to direct the surface pressure that is my nails onto these small keys.

I dont quite know exactly what 'a journalist' is.

Basically i have an amazing unspoken love and passion for africa and its people-i dont know what it is but its there; unpinpointable.

i have a message i need to communicate!

journalism is the most epic thing ever. Its so broad and open. open to whatever. My arms are going numb coz ive been lying on my elbows so as to avoid sand getting on my girlfriends dads phone.

I love writing and expressing how i feel about things and places! not just writing though-there is so much to journalistically document out there. I wanna be a journalist so i can change peoples minds about the negative. I wanna travel beautiful places and share the beauty. I want to make radio shows about the guy on the street, take photos of the bee on the flower, the sunset. I want to make the films of truth, the ones that get people thinking.

I want to challenge the mass movement, the globalising world and mindset.

for me, journalism is all around me-its the waves crashing on the shore, its the catch neil mckenzie took yesterday, its also zuma and his trial. But im more in it for the beautifully important places and people that are out there waiting.

Ok now im off to swim!


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