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Friday, March 6, 2009

objectivity-as seen through MY eyes..

hi again.
I wrote a whole lotta notes about it somewhere but forgot where they are.
So anyway..objectivity is one of the more bizarre concepts i have encountered. We have up til now been taught to stick by it as a law. What i do know about objectivity is that generally it is unattainable. Well glasser tells us this. He makes a good point about how even if a reporter just reports the facts, they see those facts from their standpoint, their position. When writing the story, their language wil show their personal agenda surely?

In some cases i feel being objective, well striving for it anyway, is ok, or right. Some things that are reported arent the business of the reporter, however some stories need to be told to the public-this is the duty of the journalist.

Personally, i find myself quite an opinionated chap, and thus see my future years as taking a standpoint on situations and battling it out with those opposed. Some of these situations are bound to be toughees, in which case im sure ill find myself battling it out with the technicalities of objectivity itself-that is striving for it. As an engine for democracy and general information to all, i believe attempting to be fair and tell both sides of the story is right. Whetjer thats what objectivity is remains up for debate.

However, there is so much out there that i feel passionately about, and want to share, whether its through a lens, mic, or pen. Such things are more of a self-agenda, my take on things, take it or leave it, than they are a careful attempt at achieving something, apparently, unattainable.

Well..thats just my opinion!

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